Leana is a New York City based Actor, Stage and Screen Fighter, Fight Director, and Intimacy Choreographer.
She graduated from Pace University's BA Acting Program as a part of the International Performance Ensemble. This program specialized in devising ensemble based theater and developing her as a collaborative artist.​ Through her program, she had the opportunity to perform overseas in Athens, Greece at the InFoMaT festival. 
Since graduating she's worked in spaces such as La MaMa, Access Theater, Medicine Show Theatre, and The New Ohio, to name a few.
She specializes in Stage and Screen Combat and is an Advanced Actor Combatant in the Society of American Fight Directors. She holds certifications in Unarmed, Knife, Single Sword, Quarterstaff, Small Sword, Sword & Shield, Rapier & Dagger, and Broadsword combat for the stage and screen. She also has her Firearms Safety Certification.
Over the last year, She's been working as a Fight Director and Intimacy Choreographer choreographing the violence for both film and stage productions. Her philosophy when she choreographs is working with the actors to make them feel supported in the workspace and confident in the choreography!
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