I'm a New York Based Fight Director and Intimacy Choreographer. I've trained in multiple movement styles at numerous institutions to round out my physical vocabulary - including Boxing, Filipino Martial Arts, Freestyle Staff Spinning, Action for Film, and holding certifications with the Society of American Fight Directors in all weapons offered and Theatrical Firearms Safety. 


I am committed to constantly educating myself as an individual and facilitator. I believe in creating collaborative spaces that allow for discovery and growth. Regardless of the job, I bring consent culture into every rehearsal room.


My work's aim is to make actors feel confident - with choreography that supports and enhances the story - thoughtfully designed for each individual.


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The Year of the Monkey


"Leana Gardella is approachable, knowledgeable, and a consummate professional. In one hour she was able to whip our new recruits into fighting shape - they left our rehearsal with Leana feeling empowered, safe, & highly capable. And the product was as good as the process: despite close quarters, audience members had no clue how the violence had been choreographed! The actors went from being terrified of their weapons to managing them with confidence & grace."

— Caitlin Wells, Director of Year of the Monkey at The Tank

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