Leana Gardella is a New York Based Fight Choreographer. She trained intensively with the Society of American Fight Directors in all 8 weapons disciplines offered and is certified in Theatrical Firearms Safety. She also cross-trains in Boxing and Kickboxing to strengthen martial logic. 

She works to make her actors feel safe, heard, and badass all at once, with choreo designed for their bodies and skill-level, which makes them look good and maintains the director's vision..

Download Choreo Resume here:

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"Leana Gardella is approachable, knowledgeable, and a consummate professional. In one hour she was able to whip our new recruits into fighting shape - they left our rehearsal with Leana feeling empowered, safe, & highly capable. And the product was as good as the process: despite close quarters, audience members had no clue how the violence had been choreographed! The actors went from being terrified of their weapons to managing them with confidence & grace."

- Caitlin Wells, Director of Year of the Monkey at The Tank

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